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Anyone familiar with XML-RPC?

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Hi all -

I'm trying to automate some posts to go to my LiveJournal account. LiveJournal allows us to post externally using the XML-RPC protocol. I've looked extensively at both LJ's documentation as well as the xmlrpc.com site and don't quite understand how that might interface with AutoIt.

Basically it looks as though your post details (userid, password, subject and post body) are embedded into an xml structure and then transmitted to LJ's server - but I'm not sure how I could actually perform the 'submit' to LJ's site.

I know I could automate the opening of a browser, keystrokes and 'send' commands to automatically fill out the post, but I would like this 'automatic updating' to occur in the background. I would not want to be working on my PC and have a browser startup while I'm in the middle of something.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

Oh and here's the documentation I've been looking at. The specific command I'm looking to use is 'postevent'.


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After 5 months, I need to revisit this task again. I never was able to figure it out. Anyone have any ideas, thoughts?

I know how to parse/create the XML, but it's the submission/response to/from the host that I'm not sure how to handle. This need not apply to Livejournal, but anything using the BloggerAPI or similar.

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