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Where's the DLL support?

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I've been searching all over, but there doesn't seem to be enough documentation on using AutoIt as a DLL in other languages. The little documentation there is in the AutoItX help file is for C, in which the nice header file takes care of everything for you. And, oddly, the forum search feature here won't let me search for vb because it doesn't like the length of the accronym.

I'm using VB for my current project, and it can't seem to find the required dll file. I ran a search for autoit files on my computer, and I was surprised to see that there aren't any. How do I use the AutoIt DLL functions in VB?

Thanks ahead of time for any help.

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I have a folder called AutoItX, with AutoitX3.dll and AutoitX.chm in it. There is also two vbscript samples. As fare as I understand the methodes documented in the help file should be the same as documented in the regular help file. If you folow the "donwload beta link" you wil get to a catalog with a entry for AutoitX.

Searching for +Autoitx +visual gave several hits including a VB6 demo

Regarding searching on your computer. You have y turn off the helpfule "hide system files" feature in Explorer?

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Yes, I have it set to look for system files too. odd

Either way, I looked over the source in that demo you found, and after messing with the demo for a while I realised VB now has AutoIt in with the stuff you can include in the Project|References menu; the AutoIt installation must have put it there without my knowing. That makes it easy enough. At least it works now.

Thanks much.

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