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Ok, so I am trying to make a small bmp analyzer for personal use....

basicaly I want to load a bitmap into memory, figger out dimentions

and then run some idiotic experiments on it, and see what results I

will get.

I am just trying to figger out how to load the image into memory so

I can manipulate it without actualy displaying the image.

basicaly what I am trying to acomplish is a tool I will be able to use

to try figgering out what the palette usage is like...

what colors are represented most

what is the most likely background color

This is a prestep for me in trying my hands on a color -> black&white

image converter (in memory) that I will try usilyzing in a crude OCR


So anyone have a brilliant way of getting an image into memory and

haveing all the pixel information accessable without displaying it? :D


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