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I have an autoit script I have been running for a while now that performs quite a lot of functions in a program that we use here. I currently have code to change the combobox like this

If ControlGetText("Vantive System", "Problem Report ID", "ComboBox6") = "Secondary Support" Then
    ControlClick("Vantive System", "Problem Report ID", "ComboBox6")
    Send("{UP 2}")
    WinWaitActive("Vantive System", "Problem Report ID")

I am trying to change the code to directly change the combobox so that it wont matter if the current selection is on something other than what is usually selected. The problem I am having is that in the below code the test msgbox and more importantly the winwait active cant be done until the combobox has been successfully changed and I cant change the continue with the code until I deal with the popup window and button. Its a catch 22, any ideas?

If ControlCommand("Vantive System -", "Problem Report","ComboBox5","FindString","STORE REQUEST ORDER") <> 0 Then
    ControlCommand("Vantive System -", "Problem Report","ComboBox5","SelectString","STORE REQUEST ORDER")
msgbox(0, "test","test")
WinWaitActive("Vantive System", "Changing this field will")
ControlClick("Vantive System", "Changing this field will",6,"left")

Thanks Chris

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