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I still got a remote controller (from my TV card) with an USB receiver, now I want to start using it again to control the mp3's played under games or watch movies from my bed, but I want to choose exactly what happens with any key that I press. So I figured that if I can find out what my computer is receiving when a specified key is pressed I can make a little autoit script where in I set this keys as hotkey (with "HotKeySet") and execute a small script for every key.

So does anyony knows how to find the signal that my computer is receiving and how I set it as a hotkey?

Thanks in advance, Jan.

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Your remote control probably sends IR signals that the USB receiver gets and translates them to commands internally. I think that the idea of directly controlling the IR device is not so simple. What I would do as a dirty method would be to program the remote control's application to call for every button I press an AU3 script, with a different parameter each time (i.e. control.exe key1, control.exe key2) and after that do the job as you wish.

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