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Add Computer to Group and or OU

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Before I get started on re-inventing the wheel, I wanted to check if anyone already has code to move a computer (or multiple computers) from one OU to another.

Also looking for a way to add computers to a security group in AD.

Anything basic would be good, but if you have anything that's well suited for my task mentioned below, that would be great.

I only have Domain admin rights to my division OU, not the whole domain.

I have a Computers OU with a sub OU for XP machines and a sub OU for W2K machines.

I also have two groups for XP and W2K respectively.

I'm having trouble getting some of our remote sites to place computers in the proper containers when they create them so I'm looking for a way to either automatically do this or for me to more easily do it with a double-click when notice machines haven't put moved to the sub OU.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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maybe this helps out:


So long,


Scripts & functions Organize Includes Let Scite organize the include files

Yahtzee The game "Yahtzee" (Kniffel, DiceLion)

LoginWrapper Secure scripts by adding a query (authentication)

_RunOnlyOnThis UDF Make sure that a script can only be executed on ... (Windows / HD / ...)

Internet-Café Server/Client Application Open CD, Start Browser, Lock remote client, etc.

MultipleFuncsWithOneHotkey Start different funcs by hitting one hotkey different times

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