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Copying to clipboard with autoitx

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Aloha gang;

Since I brought it up and with your help figured it out

Here you go for what it's It copies a texbox area to the clipboard I don't know how you do those code boxes yet


'in the head



<script LANGUAGE="VBScript">


Set oAutoIt = CreateObject("AutoItX.Control")

Set oAutoIt3 = CreateObject("AutoItX3.Control")

'Don't forget to install whichever you decide to use

'runwait("regsvr32 "&$LocalPath&"\modules\AutoItX.dll /s")

'runwait("regsvr32 "&$LocalPath&"\modules\AutoItX3.dll /s")

sub DeletePaths_onclick


oAutoit.sleep 1000


end sub



'in the body



<FORM NAME="DeletePaths" ACTION="./ ">


<p><textarea name="SavePathsFile" cols="60" rows="50">savepathshere</textarea>

<P></SELECT><INPUT TYPE=BUTTON NAME="DeletePaths" VALUE="Delete Paths" STYLE="width: 0.52in; height: 0.25in">


The area is to delete your paths only. It's more accurate to use the custom name above which will add the new path


<P><A HREF="../WorkOutTimerDirections.html" TARGET="_blank"><SPAN STYLE="background: #ffff00"><B>Directions

Order and Reseller Information</B></SPAN></A></P>







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