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Shut off my Autoit At a specific time

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I have my AutoIt Script made. I could have just been happy with that accomplishment. But nope. lol

I would like to add into my script a way to have my Script check what time it is and if it is like 7 am then have it end the script. Since i couldnt figure that out i wrote another very simple program to disconnect me from the internet since i have dial up until the 11th and the parents get mad if i am on when they need the phone. Anyway so i have two separate programs. One my AutoIt for the web and the other my "disconnect" autoit.

So finally my questions are...

1.What would the statement look like to end the script at 7?

2. Where would I put this statement (inside my loop, at end of script, beginning)?

3. Shoule i make a 3rd program to join both scripts or what?

(i.e. Run("Webscript")


IF time is >=7 then end webscript

If time is >= 7 then

Run ("disconnect")

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That must have something to do with the rest of your script. Could you post that?


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