When I first visit a new client, I take inventory of their machines, what is on them, stats, and other useful information. Up till now I would either write the information down, or just try to remember it myself. Then I decided why not write a script that would allow me to gather all this useful information, and put it in a format that I can understand and possibly print. I created that program (its even listed in this thread). I then expounded on my ideas, and have created this great Computer Information Library. Feel free to use it as you see fit, but please credit when you use one of my functions. Keywords: CompInfo, CompInfo.au3, Library, Computer, Computers, Info, Information, WMI, Windows Management Instrumentation Requires: AutoIt v3.2 + or AutoIt Beta v3.2.1.2+ Software UDFs _ComputerGetStartup _ComputerGetSoftware _ComputerGetUsers _ComputerGetGroups _ComputerGetServices _ComputerGetThreads _ComputerGetProcesses _ComputerGetOSs _ComputerGetShares _ComputerGetEventLogs _ComputerGetBootConfig _ComputerGetExtensions _ComputerGetDesktops _ComputerGetDependentServices _ComputerGetPrintJobs _ComputerGetLoggedOnUsers Hardware UDFs _ComputerGetDrives _ComputerGetPrinters _ComputerGetProcessors _ComputerGetBIOS _ComputerGetSoundCards _ComputerGetVideoCards _ComputerGetKeyboard _ComputerGetMouse _ComputerGetSystemProduct _ComputerGetNetworkCards _ComputerGetSystem _ComputerGetMonitors _ComputerGetMotherboard _ComputerGetBattery _ComputerGetMemory I have finally created an include file with the above listed UDF's. I will be continually adding to this file. Include File: CompInfo.au3 | 1671 Previous Downloads (Total) Example File: CompInfoExamples.au3 | 929 Previous Downloads (Total) I have listed special thanks in the include file. Please note all example code will now start with #include "CompInfo.au3". I am working on adding error checking and standardizing the code. (Note: I haven't spent much time doing this as of late) NerdFencer has created a set of Drive UDF's that were inspired from this code. If you need more drive information please see his thread. ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> Edit 01: Added _ComputerGetPrinters Edit 02: Added _ComputerGetCPUs Edit 03: Changed _DriveGetInfo to _ComputerGetDrives Edit 04: Updated _ComputerGetDrives with documentation and error checking. Edit 05: Fixed _ComputerGetUsers @ComputerName wasnt being used properly. Edit 06: Added _ComputerGetGroups Edit 07: Updated _ComputerGet Printers/Groups with documentation and error checking. Edit 08: Changed _ComputerGetUsers to include more information. Updated _ComputerGetUsers with documentation and error checking. Edit 09: Changed _ComputerGetStartup to include more information. Updated _ComputerGetStartup with documentation and error checking. Edit 10: Added _ComputerGetServices Edit 11: Added to the top of the post about requiring AutoIt's Beta version. Edit 12: Added _ComputerGetBIOS Edit 13: Added _ComputerGetThreads Edit 14: Changed _ComputerGetCPUs to _ComputerGetProcessors and included more information. Edit 15: Added _ComputerGetProcesses Edit 16: Changed _ComputerGetPrinters to include more information and documentation. Edit 17: Added an Example file containing all 11 current UDF's in one simple file. Edit 18: Added _ComputerGetOSs, _ComputerGetShares, _ComputerGetEventLogs Edit 19: Added to the top about no longer requiring a Beta version to work correctly. Requires v3.2 + Edit 20: Added _ComputerGetSoundCards, _ComputerGetVideoCards Updated _ComputerGetGroups (moved "Description" to element 4 to match the rest of the library). Updated Processes, OSs, Processors, Services, Software, Threads, Printers, BIOS, and EventLogs to have the same header layout. Alphabetized CompInfo.au3 and CompInfoExamples.au3 Edit 21: Updated _ComputerGetOSs (Bug Fix) in CompInfoExamples.au3 (Thanks Koala) Edit 22: Added _ComputerGetKeyboard, _ComputerGetMouse Edit 23: Added _ComputerGetSystemProduct, _ComputerGetBootConfig Updated Spelling errors and misc items in CompInfoExamples.au3 Edit 24: Added _ComputerGetNetworkCards Edit 25: Added _ComputerGetExtensions, and _ComputerGetSystem Edit 26: Added _ComputerGetDesktops, _ComputerGetDependentServices, _ComputerGetPrintJobs, _ComputerGetBattery, _ComputerGetMotherboard, and _ComputerGetMonitor Edit 27: Added _ComputerGetMemory, and _ComputerGetLoggedOnUsers Edit 28: Updated CompInfo Version Information Error Edit 29: Linked ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> Thanks, JS