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Macro Recording with Scite

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Hello Everybody!

Autoit is great software and Scite is a very useful tool for autoit.

I'm using the macro recordig facility of scite (the ScriptWriter).

I can record clicks and key strokes but.....

Is there any way to records timings between the recorded events?

I'm using it with a software which lags during some actions. Other ones don't bring lag.

I would to send the clicks and key to this soft using the same timing I had during the recording process.

Is there any mean to do that?

I know I can add or modify some sleep commands in the script but I'd rather to record the good timings.

Thank you guys.


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The ScriptWriter does not do timings between events.

You can add sleeps as you have mentioned or use something like ControlCommand() to check if the control is enabled, else loop untill it is enabled.


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