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Moving Multiple windows with sam name?

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I have a script that I made using autoit and the recorder that logs me into about 10 different programs @ work. Since I didnt have much luck getting the recorder to capture mouse movement and clicks I used all keystrokes to manpulate all my logins and windows. Problem however lies with the movement of 3 windows.

These 3 windows are actually 3 different instances of the exact same program. I have to do this as I have 3 different "regions" inside the program I need to access. It seems the recorder isint able to distinguish one from another. I very carefully used keystrokes to move each window where I wanted it and saved the script. But upon launching the script Autoit moves one window 3 different ways


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quick and dirty : If they are the same, make the unique e.g. by renaming the window title. :whistle:

Isn't there any chance to identify the windows by classname, text or something else?

So long,


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