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Installation over UNC

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Guest Hubert



I recently downloaded and started playing with AutoIt. I like it, but I cannot work out how to install software over a UNC with it.

I wanted to compile an exe to do the following:

I want to install some Microsoft Hotfixes one after the other. Being able to do this from a single executable that called one hotfix after the other would be excellent. This would allow me to jump around the script in response to posed questions. For example, I need to install an SQL hotfix to Servers with several SQL instances on. Currently I double click the exe time after time.

If I could put a loop into a script to prompt to re-install the script on completion, that would be excellent - ie "do you want to install to another instance"

Within the AutoIt (aut) scripts, how do I call an exe from a UNC path, and can i incorporate the relevant switrches into the script prior to compiling it?

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