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I am trying to make a Script that when on the screen inside of a program, when it says 'lift!' it presses the d button, i dont know if this is possable, but I sure hope it is, becuase I need to this to work. Thanks for the help in advanced


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Welcome to the forums!

Yes, it's possible. Read the help file, paying close attention to ControlGetText, ControlSend, Send, and the Pixel functions.

You'll get more help if you post your script as-is.

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Ok, I just looked in the help file and I didnt see anything that says what you told me to look for. I looked on some other sites also I didnt find anything. Thanks for welcoming me to the forums. I am an avid hacker of Games and Computer. This is a newer program I am using, so thanks for the help

EDIT: Ok, i found something, I will edit topic again if I need help with something with the script im making

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