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hi there guys, i just need some help resolving this problem, basically i want my script to hit the ("a") button and sleep about 20 mil second and then left click on the mouse (as soon as possible).. and repeat that or i should say have that looped, it's my 1st time using this and i made this from reading th tutorial, i hope you guys can help out a newbie thanks :)

Also it would be great if someone can show me how to toggle the script to on and off or Pause/Unpause with F9 or any of those keys, thanks again any help will be greatly appreciate it :)

This is what i have so far.. i think it's way off... :whistle:

func MoveClick()

$Cord = PixelSearch($pos[0] - 200, $pos[1] - 200,$pos[0] + 200, $pos[1] + 200, 0x84849C, 0)

if @error then

;MouseMove($MoveCord[0], $MoveCord[1], 0)


sleep(20) ;


sleep("400") ;


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