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I'm super noob to this please help me thank you

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Guest Kline1245

B) Hi, I'm new to this program and I do not have any idea where to put the scripts in, like the long sets of code you guys post on the forum, I have the program autoit the newest version but i dont know how to run it.

Thank you very much <Bows> :whistle:

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AutoIT quick start:

Download the installset from this site and install it.

Create a new "script" file called XYZ.AU3.

Put your code in it and save it.

Just double click the file and it runs.

When the script is doing what its supposed to do then right mouse click on the XYZ.au3 and select "Compile Script". this will create an XYZ.exe.

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ok, I dont mean to be offensive or anything... but i honestly believe that if you cant figure out where to put these, you probably shouldnt (be capable of (?) ) working with autoit. Nothing against you or anything.. its just my opinion.

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An autoit script is just a plain text file, so run Notepad (or a better text editor) and paste the code into it. When you save the file--assuming Notepad--make sure the file name ends with .au3 and that the "file type" is set to All files *.*

Hope that makes sense

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Rule 1 in programming:

Don't try to make or compile any code you do not at least attempt to understand.

In other words, if you don't have a clue what it does, don't try to make it run. ( think of a chainsaw, Lathe, or other powertool.

No offence, we are all beginners at one time. We all do forget that as well. I am the first one to admit that I don't word things perfectly, and when we have done it thousands of times, we feel that it is the simplest thing in the world.

Once installed, you should be able to right click and choose EDIT, and paste in the code, and doubleclick to run. When you are sure you have it done how you like, you cna right click, and choose COMPILE, and it will make an EXE (does not require autoIt to run)

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scriptkitty sorta said what i meant.. like i said, i dont mean to be rude.. but if you dont understand how to put it into a .au3, you probably shouldnt be messing with it. just make sure you know exactly what its going to do before running a script. ive done some stupid stuff myself, like having it delete the wrong things, or having it get stuck moving my mouse around so i had to use ctrl-shift-esc and try to close it before the keyboard kicked in, lol

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