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i want to run a program then see if another program is running if is is do nothing else exit te program


**(MS Paint is already running)**

Run ("C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe")

IF (MS Paint) is open do nothing else exit Notepad

i also want

**IF MS Paint is open do nothing else exit Notepad** to be repeated over and over so the second Paint is quit notepad will

**paint and notepad aarn't the programs i am really gonna use**


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Looks like you have to do some homework and RTFM :P

After you have done that you will end up with somthing like this (taken from the top of my head, not tested)

Local $pid = Run("notepad")
While WinExists("aint") ; Looking for a window containing aint in it. Loop if it exists.
Kill($pid) ;Terminate notepad
Exit ;Terminates this program, realy not needed at this point but ...

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