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How do I PAUSE to wait for a large file to save?

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:) I have an autoit script that is pulling data off a large billing system. After a report compiles in the billing system (started by AUTOIT oc course) it saves the file. After the save is done I want autoit to then continue. How do I make it pause while a DOS window is compiling? Is there a way to do it using explore folders and files?

The place it needs to pause is at the end of this script,. Before is copies the file to the C drive. I have to run this script about 150 times, and would like to find a way to make it pause only until the file is saved. The time is takes varies a great deal. One prov might take 2 minutes, another might take 45 minutes.


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1. Waiting till cmd.exe no longer running help.


2. wait till filegetsize is zero [or not returning as in use], then wait till not zero, then wait till file getsize not changed over 10 secs etc?

Best, Randall

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