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App install Package - Paradox v5

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Yes, thats right.

I have a need to package Paradox runtime version 5 for deployment. (the read me file is talking Win 3.1 & Workgroups, so no MSI or any other package manager).

I'm wondering if I can use @SWHIDE with a run command to hide the install dialog but still send keys to it while its hidden from view ?

is this possible ? or do I have to have the dialogs unhidden to script them ? (maybe block input while it's running)

Thanks in advance


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I have my controlsend/controlclick all worked out and it installs. Just trying to hide the window now.

I'm using run("program.exe","workingdir", @sw_hide) and it's still starting up full screen, I have tried run with @sw_minimize and no difference. I have also tried minimizeall() after it has started and it still stays fullscreen.

Anyone got some other tricks they use to hide windows ?

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Thanks Hallman,

WinSetState() hides the window,

I have two windows that open when the application starts, these are

"Paradox 5.0 for Windows Install" and "Paradox 5.0 for Windows Installation"

the "Paradox 5.0 for Windows Install" is pretty borland background install (does nothing).

to use WinSetState to access both windows, I need to set opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 3) as when I use WinSetState("Paradox 5.0 for Windows Install") in default "WinTitleMatchMode" it goes to the last active match which is the "Paradox 5.0 for Windows Installation" dialog and not the background.

I'm now having problems waiting for a dialog in when it's set to hidden.

controlclick("Paradox 5.0 for Windows Notification", "You", "Button1","button)
    Sleep ($delay)
    if WinExists("Paradox 5.0 for Windows Program Manager Group", "Install", "Button2", "button")
until $i=1

I've used some sample code to get the list of windows and it can't see the window I'm waiting for. Reading WinExists() in the help file says that it "WinExists will return 1 even if the window is hidden." so how can I detect this window when I have it set to hide ?

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ok given up on hiding them

I'm now creating a GUI fullscreen and using $WS_EX_TOPMOST to keep it on top, all seems to be working but I get breif flashes of dialog boxes from the install program popping up over my gui.

is there any other way of getting your gui to "always stay on top" ?



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