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help me understand GUISwitch

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I am trying to understand how to use GUISwitch and GUISetState. I basically wanted to eventually turn my existing coding projects into more of a GUIMain that has buttons that will have "popup" type windows that show up on top of the GUIMain window.

I believe I have the general concept of how to do this but I don't understand why the following code will not make the main window ($mainwindow) the active window once the popup ($dummywindow) is closed. Everything works fine except you have to click the $mainwindow to make it active and I would have guessed that my current code (GUISetState(@SW_ENABLE)) would do that. What am I missing here?



#include <GUIConstants.au3>

Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1) ; Change to OnEvent mode 
$mainwindow = GUICreate("main window", 400, 200)
GUICtrlCreateLabel("This will be the main window", 30, 10)
$okbutton = GUICtrlCreateButton("OK", 70, 50, 60)
GUICtrlSetOnEvent($okbutton, "OKButton")

$dummywindow = GUICreate("popup window", 200, 100)
$buttonDummy = GUICtrlCreateButton("MsgBox", 70, 50, 60)
GUICtrlSetOnEvent($buttonDummy , "buttonDummy")


While 1
  Sleep(1000) ; Idle around

Func OKButton()

Func CLOSEClicked()
    ConsoleWrite("func close" & @CRLF)
    If @GUI_WINHANDLE = $mainwindow Then 
    If @GUI_WINHANDLE = $dummywindow Then 

Func buttonDummy()
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Try using this command instead:

(from the help file)



Activates (gives focus to) a window.

WinActivate ( "title" [, "text"] )

I believe that GUISwitch only controls which window a new control will be created on. (in case you want to go back and add a control to a window you created before the window you're currently adding controls to).

GUISetState allows you to disable or enable, hide or show, etc your window, but enabling or showing a window won't activate it, it only enables it. You want to activate it, so use WinActivate (linked to in the "related" section of the WinSetState function's page in the help file).

Hope that helps!

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