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Looking for a better solution

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I am checking to see if the contents in a file have changed by doing a line count of the file.

This all works well (sort of) but I also wanted to include a tray icon to enable the user to close the monitoring application.

Because I have a Sleep() in my loop, closing the application from the tray icon can take from 0 seconds to the maximum time of the Sleep().

Is there a better way to do this?

While 1
    $msg = TrayGetMsg()
        Case $msg = 0
            $CheckLines = _FileCountLines($logFile)
            If $CountLines <> $CheckLines Then
                $LastLine = FileReadLine($logFile,$CountLines + 1)
                $array = stringsplit($LastLine,"|")
                    MsgBox(48,$array[3] & " has reported the following problem:","Equipment:    " & $array[1] & Chr(13) & _
                            "Fault:     " & $array[2] & Chr(13) & _
                            "Computer:  " & $array[4] & Chr(13) & _
                            "Time Reported: " & $array[6])
                $CountLines = $CheckLines
        Case $msg = $exititem
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