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I may be missing something here, I'm just not sure. I get the error:

"Variable used without being declared" when trying to use $Get_Focus.


$nInputCfn = GuiSetControl ("input", "", 50,45,100,20)


$nInputCln = GuiSetControl ("input", "", 200,45,100,20)

At first I had $Get_Focus by itself, when it did't work I added the line

GuiSetControlEx(-1,20) and still got the same error message. Aside

from that small piece the rest of my code works. What I'm trying to

accomplish is to get the focus (cursor) on the first Input filed of the form.

$nInputCln = GuiSetControl ("input", "", 200,45,100,20). Unless there is

another way and I'm just missing it.

Thanks for your responses.

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Did you do an: #include <GUIConstants.au3> at the top of the script?

This contains all the constants for the GUI commands...

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No.. I had not added the "#include" line.

Thanks.. that cleared up the "Variable not declared" problem. But now, it doesn't

give me the focus on the field I want it be in. It don't get any focus unless I click

on the field.

Thanks JdeB...

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