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Help with my program

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I'm making this program for a gaming ladder. When some1 cheats, doesn't show up, or another issue needs to be solved they call for a referee. However the staff page takes forever to load. I made a different program that helps with this (( http://www.socomstrategy.com/pg/gbsa/s3RefTracker.exe )) but it's only a small program with a webpage built in where you can aim the staff. I want to increase the functionality of this and make it so there is a list box where their names show up ONLY if they're on aim. I also want it so when I type GB1 into an input box, it sends the message "Help! I need a Socom3 Referee" to that user on aim.

I thought if I did this

;Names in the list
GuiCtrlCreateList("", 5, 60, 100, 90)
$refereeSugar = GuiCtrlSetData(-1, "Sugar")

;The input box

GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Preset Problem Code", 89, 280)
$presetid = GuiCtrlCreateInput("", 75, 300, 130, 20)
$PPCS = GUICtrlCreateButton("GO>>",100,335,90,20)

   if $msg = $refereeSugar and $presetid = "GB1"

(( THIS PART I'M STUCK ON as WELL )) I want it to send a new IM to "GB Sugar GB" saying "Help! I need a Socom3 Referee."

I know the url I would put in a webpage would be


But don't know how to make it work for aim through autoit. However I DONT want it to be through an embedded webpage in the program.

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If you are making something for a website, i believe you are better off looking into CSS, JAVA and HTML

as great as autoit is, you will be exaggerating an easy task trying to design a web page with it

Sorry you misinterpreted me. It's not for a website, but for the people of the website to use on their desktop.

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Oh, sorry, my bad :"> :">

I did misunderstand you

If you post the ENTIRE code you have, i can look into it :)

Ok. I don't have the entire thing completed. I just mainly have the layout. Here it is.

#include <IE.au3>

GuiCreate("Staff Tracker v2", 300, 400,(@DesktopWidth-640)/2, (@DesktopHeight-580)/2 , $WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW)
GuiSetIcon(@SystemDir & "\mspaint.exe", 0)

$font="Comic Sans MS"

$filemenu = GuiCtrlCreateMenu("File")
$helpmenu = GuiCtrlCreateMenu("Help")
$upcp = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Upcoming Projects",$filemenu)
$exit = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Exit",$filemenu)

; The Preset Codes
GUICtrlCreateLabel("!: Code List :!", 180,30,100,100)
GUICtrlCreateLabel ("GB1 = Default Help Message", 160,50)
GUICtrlSetFont (-1,9, 400, 2, $font)

; Ref List
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Online Referees", 5, 40)
GuiCtrlCreateList("", 5, 60, 100, 90)
GuiCtrlSetData(-1, "Sugar")

GuiCtrlCreateTab(25, 200, 250, 175)

GuiCtrlCreateTabItem("Aim Ref")
GUICtrlCreateLabel("Insert Message",89,280)
GuiCtrlCreateInput("",75, 300, 130, 20)
$ARS = GUICtrlCreateButton("GO>>",100,335,90,20)

$presetid = GuiCtrlCreateInput("", 75, 300, 130, 20)
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Preset Problem Code", 89, 280)
$PPCS = GUICtrlCreateButton("GO>>",100,335,90,20)

$Refresh = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Refresh", 60, 345, 100, 20)
$oIE = ObjCreate("Shell.Explorer.2")
$GUIActiveX = GUICtrlCreateObj( $oIE, 60, 250, 180, 90)
GUISetState ()

While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
        Case $msg = $Refresh
        Case $msg = $exit

While GuiGetMsg() 
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