Are my AutoIt EXEs really infected?

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We've been using AutoIt v. to compile our .au3 scripts because the online virus scanner "virustotal.com", that scans the uploaded file using different scanners and gives you a report showing the results, have seemed to report fewer false positives on executables when using the old compiler instead of more recent, higher versions of AutoIt. 

We compile using AutoIt2Exe without UDF compression and sign them using our code-signing certificate from a trusted vendor.

It has been a while since we compared scanning the same .au3 script compiled with different versions, and I was just wondering if version still is the "safest" version or if people here have another preference for which AutoIt version / compiler that causes the least number of false positives?

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typo and added fact that we use a cert to sign our exes

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I've never had any of my compiled execs flagged and I'm using the latest version. So, anything we tell you would depend on which unreliable AV you're using that's flagging them.

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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Same here, I routinely write and compile scripts in corporate environments, and have lately found myself doing a lot of AutoIt/PowerCLI cross scripting. Never any issues with the latest version and any of the major business AV suites out there. I'm sure I have run under just about everything in the top three sections of the magic quadrant:


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do you mean 'without UDF compression'  OR  'without UPX (UCL) compression'? 

and have you tried just hashing your exe and uploading that to see if you are really popping for a signature?  or commenting out the whole thing, and uploading an exe that does a bunch of nothing to see if its all compiler flags, or if someone really did detonate you in a sandbox and you tripped heursitics.  If that last thing happened you need to bear in mind that all AutoIt exes look like 90% the same, so it really is on the author to perform their due diligence in getting it whitelisted.

That being said, I drop scripts all over monoliths in regulated environments, the last script I got flagged on was Carbon Black and that's because i was running the powershell invoke-obfuscation module, so that's hardly AutoIts fault.

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