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Get info frm a VB window and store it to a txt file

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Ok this game i pla has a chat window, i want to save the chat to a .txt file. I looke in the help file and found some things that were interesting, but first heres what i got from the window info tool...

>>>>>>>>>>> Control Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<

Size: X: 10 Y: 563 W: 837 H: 164

Control ID:

ClassNameNN: RichTextWndClass1


Style: 0x56A008C4

ExStyle: 0x00000210

Ok so now for the interesting stuff...

Im guessing i need to use one of these:

ControlGetHandle ( "title", "text", controlID )

ControlGetText ( "title", "text", controlID )

Im not sure what the control id is... Back to the help file... cuz i know thats where your allonna refer me to... lol.

Using the AutoIt Window Info Tool you can move your mouse around the window you are interested in and you will be given information of the control that is currently under your mouse. Information on controls is given in a number of ways, these are:

Control ID



Control Handle (HWND) (Not available in AutoIt Window Info Tool - see below)

So.... that tells me.... i ned to use the control id, which is blank? This is were im confused...

Also, how do i make the text in the chat to get sent to a .txt file?

edit - also i thought i might add that the chat log appears in the visible window text starting about 11 lines down.

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If the "Text" for that control is blank chances are the app is using nonstandard controls. Getting the text might require OCR. Do a quick search of the fourms for OCR and you should find some information to get you started.

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Ok whats OCR? maybe if u could be a little more specific i might be able to have better results searching...

Wait, just found somthing... your talking about using image recognition to detect what letters are being used? thats extremely complex... also the chat uses multiple colors so that makes it even tougher... Any other ideas?

Edit - Ok tried using controlsettext for the input for the chat and that worked... so mabe its not a control that im trying to edit? I dont know...

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