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Backup & Restore Firebird 1.5

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Hello Guys,

I've been searching and searching for something on firebird databases in all the forums here but to no avail, I'm using AutoIT for small meaningless(automation) applications now i need something a bit more not only for my paycheck's sake but also personal improvements...

What i've done is to backup & restore a firebird database with AutoIT but don't have any visual display of the progress on it, the script runs very well with the commandline parameters (from the firebird website) but stands stilll for a long time on databases that is big like anything above 60mb so i need some way of displaying the progress on it. I did not include my script because its actually very simple commandline application, but if you guys need the scrip + the database ill put it in.

why is the nothing about Firebird databases on this forum... is it not worth wile using it or what is your opinion.


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