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Problem with FileOpenDialog and drag n drop together

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I have written a script to allow the user to choose between FileOpenDialog and drag and drop as they see fit.

An interesting problem occurred when a co-worker tested it. He hit the browse button, FileOpenDialog opened and he dragged files from the FileOpenDialog to the edit control. While the FileOpenDialog is open, the script is paused and cannot react to the drag events, which makes the results unpredicable.

Possible solutions:

1. Disable drag n drop on the main window before FileOpenDialog is called, and then re-enable after it returns.

2. Disable drag n drop on each control and re-enable. (problem: there are a lot of them.)

3. Disable drag n drop or FileOpenDialog all together.

Obviously the first one is the most preferable, only 2 statements, but I cannot find the equivalent of GUICtrlSetState to work on the main window.

The second will be a lot of work.

Does anyone any better possible solutions?

Does anyone have a good way to implement the above?


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