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i want to make a very simple loop

it should first wait 30 seconds, then press the button P

i looked at the helpfile about looping..and it was confusing..this is what it looks like:

$i = 0
While $i <= 10
    MsgBox(0, "Value of $i is:", $i)
    $i = $i + 1

And what i want to do is just:

Loop this




How do i type this then?

Whats the meaning of "$i" ? I mean i know its a variable..but how does it work?

Are there any pages where i can learn more about variables?

Do i have to make variables to create loops?

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Beated by BigDod :lmao:

Loop forever could be:

While 1

Meaning of $i in script:

in the beginning you give $i a value of 0

in the while statement you say: WHILE $i is not 10 give a nice msgbox...

and everytime you get a msgbox.. $i will be rased with 1, and the script wil start over again.

summary: $i=0, msgbox, $i=1, msgbox... $i=9, msgbox, $i=10, EXIT

It is usefull to use variables in loops indeed ;) it's easier to read


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