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how could i create a script that does nothing until the user presses specified keys in a certain order instead of the same time?


the combo is.......... t e s t

i want to press "t", release, then "e", release, "s", release, "t", release and do the specified function

if i press "t" and then any other key other than "e" i want the proccess to start over, being the same case with the following "s" and "t"

i tried but i only got as far as a script that would do this, but without restarting on a wrong key press...

so the combos.... t e s a t ... t e k s t ... t f e h s h t ... etc

would work

as long as i manage to press the keys...

can anyone help me???

EDIT: problem further explained

Edited by HackerZer0
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Ar you ill talking about autohotkey? seriously dude they ripped autoits source code off so if your going to post autohotkey stuff leave the forum.

Heres a quick mod i through into one of Smoke_N's scripts

type test and then press enter

Global $nNumBuffer = ''

While 1

Func _HotKeySetNums()
    HotKeySet('t', '_HKBuffer')
    HotKeySet('e', '_HKBuffer')
    HotKeySet('s', '_HKBuffer')
    HotKeySet('t', '_HKBuffer')
    For $iCC = 0 To 4
        HotKeySet($iCC, '_HKBuffer')
    HotKeySet('{ENTER}', '_HKEnter')
    HotKeySet('{NUMPADENTER}', '_HKEnter')

Func _HKBuffer()
    $nNumBuffer &= @HotKeyPressed

Func _HKEnter()
    HotKeySet('{ENTER}', '_HKEnter')
    If $nNumBuffer = '' Then Return ''
    $nNumBuffer = ''
    Return ''

Func _ProgramsToRun($nNumProg)
    Switch $nNumBuffer
        Case "test"
    Return ''
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When someone says they modded something of someone elses, I generally look up the function names in the advanced search here... by doing that you could find the original post usually if the function names were unique enough.


Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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