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Drive and Printer List Tool

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This is my first public release of an AutoIT Script. I have a bunch of them in compilations and such and I just wanted to share some of the more useful ones.

Drive and Printer List Tool

Drive and Printer List Tool will list the system's printers or drives.

It will also save a selection of drives or printers in a script for automatic mapping on another computer.

I found this one extremely useful when transferring settings and/or accounts from one computer to another as well as a great way to backup your network drives and printers.

Please visit the Project Page to see more information and screenshots.

I have attached the code and a build, you can also get the code and builds from my SVN repository.

Let me know what you think!



Build SVN 1.62 Rev 5


GUI Tweak:

Added code to default the Save button ($buttonSave) in usr_SaveDriveScript and usr_SavePrinterScript's $ptrGui. Now you can just press enter or click save. Little convenience fix.


Fixed BUG: calculation error in usr_SaveDriveScript and usr_SavePrinterScript where the $intGUIHeight for $ptrGui was calculated in multiples of 15px where the labels were spaced apart by 20px. Hard to notice until I came across someone with 13 mapped drives. That 5x13=65px difference cut off the save button actively freezing the program.

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Would you allow me to say: THANK YOU?

this is what I need. I was working on something like this for 4 weeks, but because I'm rather new to this language, I didn't have any luck.

But with your magnificant script I can code something more.

Thank you!

PS. with witch CMS package have you created your website?

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"You cannot solve a problem with the mind that created it" (Albert Einstein)

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Thank you, this is what I was looking for, but I miss the virtual printers like "Adobe PDF" and "MS Office Image Writer" in the save process (selection list ...), is this not possible to process the same way like real network printers ?

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