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How would you script a modem check (com3) where if the device has a property equal to 'This device is working properly' it returns 1 if true or 0 it false? Any test that proves that the modem is active and available would be ok including sending the modem a test and reading the response.

Help would be appreciated

Since posting this request for assistance I have got this to work:


IF $VAR <> "" THEN

$VAR1 = "YES"


$VAR1 = "NO"


MsgBox(0,"", $VAR1)

When the modem is plugged in the value returned is the name of the port COM3 which is the value returned by the RegRead. When the modem is not plugged in the data value is null.

Provided that the device name does not change this will give me the result.

Comments would be appreciated.

Cheers ;) Ant

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