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GUICtrlCreateListView and GUICtrlCreateInput functions

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I have a very nice script but there are some little problems left...

When i have the gui: GUICtrlCreateListView you will get a nice place where you can put you data into for example first name last name phonebumber like that...

Is there a style or a exStyle that you can sort them into alphabet? or a other simple way to do that???

The second:

I can add people to my GUICtrlCreateListView and it saves it into a log file the log file is made whit the name of the date like:

today it is 10-12-2006 you will get a log file whit the name 12-10-2006.ini

Now when you close the program and open it all the people ar gone but there are written to the log file.

When it is the same day and you close the program and open it again how automatic let the program copy all data of the log of today and put it into the GUICtrlCreateListView is there a way to do that??

The second one is an search operation you can find people at cardnumber last name and phonenumber..

You MUST full in the data correct so find but when someone say my last name is jansen and i type it bij search he can not find it because it must be janssen how to make a search that do not exactly the same as the name or data is?

Could someone help me whit those things?

I little problem, hard to find and fix

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