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Bug in _HexToString ?

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Consider the following code:

$a = _StringToHex("foo" );
MsgBox( 0, "DEBUG", "a: " & $a );
$b = Dec( $a );
MsgBox( 0, "DEBUG", "b: " & $b );
$c = Hex( $b );
MsgBox( 0, "DEBUG", "c: " & $c );
$d = _HexToString( $c );           <-- THIS FAILS
MsgBox( 0, "DEBUG", "d: " & $d );  <-- EMPTY WINDOW
MsgBox( 0, "ERROR", @error );     <-- NO ERROR DETECTED

; The following just proves that _HexToString will work without the leading zeros
$d = _HexToString( "666F6F" );
MsgBox( 0, "DEBUG", "d: " & $d );
MsgBox( 0, "ERROR", @error );

As you can see when running the code, it's possible to cause problems when translating otherwise valid input. I found this accidentally while trying to transport information across the network. I have made the following changes to my own String.au3 UDF. But I haven't had time to test the changes extensively, so there may be unknown ramifications to using this code. But here is my complete _HexToString UDF:

Func _HexToString($strHex)
    Local $strChar, $aryHex, $i, $iDec, $Char, $iOne, $iTwo, $started
    $aryHex = StringSplit($strHex, "")
    If Mod($aryHex[0], 2) <> 0 Then
        Return -1
      This will stay False until the first non-zero character is found.
      The idea is to ignore leading zeros until first "real" character is
      found.  Typically "Chr(0)" means "end of string", so we don't want
      that at the beginning of our result.
    $started = False
    For $i = 1 To $aryHex[0]
        $iOne = $aryHex[$i]
        $i = $i + 1
        $iTwo = $aryHex[$i]
        $iDec = Dec($iOne & $iTwo)
        If @error <> 0 Then
            Return -1
        If $iDec <> 0 Then
            $started = True
        If $started == True Then
            $Char = Chr($iDec)
            $strChar = $strChar & $Char
    Return $strChar
EndFunc  ;==>_HexToString

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