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XSkin help me


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#include <XSkin.au3> 

; folder of skin
$Skin_Folder = @ScriptDir & "\Skins\Black-Yellow"

$XSkinGui = XSkinGUICreate( "My GUI", 400, 450, $Skin_Folder)

$button_1 = XSkinButton("Button 1", 145, 100, 100, 35, "Hello")


While 1

Func Hello()
    MsgBox(64, "XSkin", "Test Button 1", 3)

Error is this:

C:\Documents and Settings\Login\Desktop\Calender v0.2\XSkin.au3 (8) : ==> #include depth exceeded. Make sure there are no recursive includes.:

#include <XSkin.au3>

Any ideas?

tolle indicium

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I thought so. I noticed the commented #include, so I thought that maybe you'd modified it,

making the file include itself. This is what #include-once is for, Valuater ;)

And btw, I'm not Hedge or Heldge. I prefer Helge :lmao:

Edited by Helge
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