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I am trying to create a very simple entry form.

At the begining you can choose two options

Enter Personal infos or Business Infos

Depending of which options you choose there would be different input field.

Let's say Personal infos was used.

The user would have to enter Last name and First name. Then he can click next add another one and so on...

Whenever he is done he can click finish and an excel file will be created.

Anyone kind enough to create a rough app like that ?

I can work it out later on... I just need a kick start I guess

Let me know if it's a bit confusing... :S

I don't know how easy it is... that's why I would like a "sketch"


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maybe this could do "most" of what you are after




Thanks I ran the file, and it is somehow what I want .... Not exactly it, but alsmost

Do you know where I can get the source code ?


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