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First attempt any pointers?

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I am noob when it comes to this and was looking to put my first script together but looking for pointers. Basically need a script that will take a file off a shared drive and copy it to a new location on C:\. Then take a shortcut from a shared drive and pin it to the start menu of the same computer. I have been playing around with it today but no success.

I have searched the forums and havent come across anything...any know how this would be done or what it would include?

Cheers for any help.

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Well this is what I tried to use...initially. It basically takes a executable zip file and runs it and was trying to get to make a shortcut to pin from a different file. The shortcut is different from the file that is being put in the folder.

Then I thought well, couldnt I just leave these on the shared drive and then somehow copy them to the users computer along with the access shortcut that binds the workgroup file and not even use the executable zip file?

See I have a database that is near done. However the people that need it are far from me and need to put the FE of the database on their computer along with the shortcut that links to the proper workgroup file. Would like to do this automatically since the people using arent very literate with these kinda of things and am trying to make it as easy as possible for them.

So seaching today came across the program autoit. I am really new to this and learning so my knoweledge is shallow.

This is the one which invovles the executable zip file, but dont know how difficult it would be to just script it like mentioned above off a shared drive.

Run ("PipelineReports.exe")

$objShell = ObjCreate ("Shell.Application")
     $objFolder = $objShell.Namespace("C:\Databases")
     $ObjCreate = $objFolder.?
     $objFolderItem = $objFolder.ParseName("PipelineReports.lnk")
$objFolderItem.InvokeVerb("P&in to Start Menu")

Thanks for any insight. If you know any good links of information to learn from that would be great as well.

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This is going ok I guess. Easier than I thought, at least I hope.

How would I wild card the username for the start menu destination....tried the *, but no go.

C:\Documents and Settings\*\Start Menu\Programs

Can the Icon for it be changed after compiling.

DirCreate ( "C:\Databases\Pipeline Reports" )
FileCopy ( "\\nas\trustdivision\DivsionShare\Monthly Tracking\Pipeline Report\Pipeline Reports.mde", "C:\Databases\Pipeline Reports", 8 )
DirCreate ( "C:\Documents and Settings\jlacey\Start Menu\Programs\Trust Reports" )
FileCopy ( "\\nas\trustdivision\DivsionShare\Monthly Tracking\Pipeline Report\Pipeline Reports.lnk", "C:\Documents and Settings\*\Start Menu\Programs\Trust Reports", 8 )

Thanks for any help.

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