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I have said it before @Valik. You use a special kind of language and I expect you to tolerate the same kind of language from members you engage. Those of us who have been around for a while appreciate and admire your computer skills. Many find your arguing techniques funny, sadly enough because it is abusive.

In my opinion you close down topics where you have been a participant way to often because you dislike the arguments used by others. That is plain wrong and you should rather have one of the other moderators evaluate the tread and lock it if found necessary.

Best Regards


Dumbass. That sums it up nicely. The question was rehtorical. I knew then, knew years ago and will continue to know into the future how #include works. The idea was, it doesn't work like you think so you need to go back and check your logic. But you completely missed that, no, the evil ass-hole developer can't know what he's talking about.

Just plain wrong.

No, I'd really rather you try on your own to learn how something works instead of pester me.

I'm an asshole by default.

Then you're an idiot, as I've said. I wrote the god damned code. If I say it does something - it does. End of story. Sure, I occasionally screw something up and it doesn't work like I intend, but #include has been in the language in it's current form for years.

No, only a fool would question a developer about a feature working correctly (as I mentioned before).

It comes from you not taking what I say at face value. As mentioned for the 4983 time, I wrote the code, it works. If I say it doesn't work a certain way, it doesn't. No explanation should be necessary and if you want one you can find a better way of getting it than telling me that something I wrote doesn't work like I wrote it to.

If your reaction to a developer stating something is to challenge them on it, yes, I'd rather you harass somebody other than us.

Here's a good reason to leave, then. If I'm an idoit then you're pretty well fucked. I've got code all throughout AutoIt so if I'm an idiot, I must not be able to write code, therefore the language has stuff in it written by an idiot making it unsafe to use.

Thread locked. You create another thread on the subject, you will be banned.

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