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plotting tool

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i have created a topic for this some time before, but somehow my acc has been deleted or i have forgotten it so i created a new one and cant edit my old topic anymore.

so i create a new one :P

i improved this plotting tool alot i think, you can scroll now with arrow-keys (unfortunately now its a lil bit slower), set an parameter q which will let u draw sth like q*x with q from -5 to 5 step 1 for example.

you can draw Function compositions(is it the right word in english), too.

you can use e and pi as well.

get the sourcecode here:


but dont be so strict with the scroll-feature, some bugs may occur as the script has to move 200 labels when u scroll only once. make you own mind about what happens when someone presses the arrowkeys continuously :D

ah and btw: dont ask me about the math thingie i used. after some time i dont understand it myself what i have done there :)

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(x*cos(pi) - x)/sin(x) is an interesting plot, but I am sure there are better.


well actually (x*cos(pi) - x)/sin(x) is nothing other than -2*x/sin(x) as cos(pi) equals -1 and -x-x = -2*x

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