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#include <GUIConstants.au3>


GuiCtrlCreateGraphic(10, 10, 100,100)

GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_COLOR, 0xff0000,0xff0000)

GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_MOVE, 0,0)

GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_LINE, 100,100)

GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_LINE, 00,100)

GUICtrlSetGraphic(-1,$GUI_GR_LINE, 0,0)



$msg = GUIGetMsg()


My Scripts[topic="73325"]_ReverseDNS()[/topic]Favourite scripts by other members[topic="81687"]SNMP udf[/topic][topic="70759"]Using SNMP - MIB protocol[/topic][topic="39050"]_SplitMon:Section off your monitor!, split your monitor into sections for easy management[/topic][topic="73425"]ZIP.au3 UDF in pure AutoIt[/topic][topic="10534"]WMI ScriptOMatic tool for AutoIt[/topic][topic="51103"]Resources UDF embed/use any data/files into/from AutoIt compiled EXE files[/topic]
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