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winactive and locked computer

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can winactive or winexists be use in a locked windows xp computer ?

is there any work around to do this, if you cant detect a windows or set focus ?


Welcome to the forum.

Test the scenario for yourself using code like this:

WinActivate("Program Manager")
WinWait("Untitled - Notepad")
If WinExists("Untitled - Notepad") Then Beep(500, 500)
If WinActive("Untitled - Notepad") Then Beep(1500, 1500)
Run that once as is to see what happens and then remove the comment character ";" from this line:


and run the script again.

I think that you will find that you can use WinWait and WinExists but not any of the Win... functions that has Activate or Activate in them.

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