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CreateList box is always sorted?

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**FIXED IT :) **

$lstResults = GuiCtrlCreateList("", 140, 100, 240, 175,$WS_BORDER + $WS_VSCROLL)


I've created a very simple GUI with;

GuiCreate("myApp Tester v1.00", 390, 286,-1, -1 , BitOR($WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS))

$Group_1 = GuiCtrlCreateGroup("Output Filename", 10, 10, 370, 50)

$txtFilename = GuiCtrlCreateInput("c:\myApp\TestResults.txt", 20, 30, 350, 20)

$cmdRun = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Run Test Script", 10, 100, 120, 40)

$lstResults = GuiCtrlCreateList("", 140, 100, 240, 175,-1)

but when I add items to the $lstResults with;








the list box is sorted.

I haven't told the style to be $LBS_SORT though???!!

(btw: when I ran this code example for the first time, it wasn't sorted, but now, each time I run it, it is always sorted)

any ideas?



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Define your own styles to the list control. LBS_SORT is one of the default ones, so if you don't specify a style it'll always be sorted.

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