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Why can I not post in the examples forum?

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You know, honestly, I've developed an application for managing jobs, viewing CNC router G-Code files and transmitting them to a CNC controller. I did so, of course, with a great deal of reading these forums and intended to return what I've done to the community, but if I'm not going to be allowed to then I guess I'll just wait for someone else to make a post that it is tangentially related to in the proper forum and upload it then (if that is even possible).

In the meantime, since I can actually post in this forum, here it is.

Since this was done for a specific shop, at the top of the Job Manager.au3 are a bunch of global variables which are pathnames.

This version I'm uploading will allow you to import a G-Code file directly, define the objects in it, or import directly from Cabnetware 7 and Cabnetware 8. The program uses "BarTender" to print labels for the objects in the file, and keeps track of the job completion % for the project managers to view.

This program is designed to be run from a central, shared network location. A file named Job Manager.ini needs to be in the folder with the executive, in this format:

[<Computer Name>]



Project managers may add/edit/delete projects and objects within the projects, while the cnc users may not. If a computer not in the list connects, it is automatically assigned the CNC role.

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