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Plz Help with My processkiller/irritating thing for my older brother =)

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Hi guys!! so yea my older brother always gets on my computer and uses it to go on myspace and to use limewire and it kinda makes me mad so i came up with the idea for a little script that kills Mozilla,ie, and limewire and pretty much anything i put in the text file. and i want it so that it starts up when ever my computer starts up and i wanted it to be passworded so that if you wanna exit the script that you gotta enter the right password and if you wanna acsess the internet or limewire or any program i put in the list you gotta enter in the password and i also wanted it to have a pop window to pop up after it kills the process saying something like "haha fucker nice try" and then have the input box pop up where you can put the password and i also wanted it so when you click exit on the script the password input box will show up..so i dont know how to do any of that stuff but here is the code that ive been working with to kill the process. so could you guys give me some ideas or hints on how to make those pop up windows and input boxes and how to get it to start up when my computer starts up?? and i guess when the input box pops up after the "haha fucker" thing i want it to kill the script when the password is entered..anywayz thanks guys

#include <File.au3> 
Global $LST = @ScriptDir & "\KILLST.txt" 
$LEN = _FileCountLines($LST)
For $i = 1 To $LEN Step +1
 $READ = FileReadLine($LST,$i)
 If ProcessExists($READ) Then
Until $i = 1
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Why not just store the .exe's in an array?

Global $bPaused

HotKeySet('^!P', '_PauseUnPause')

Dim $aBigBroIHateYou[3] = ['firefox.exe', 'limewire.exe', 'iexplorer.exe']

While 1
    For $iCC = 0 To Ubound($aBigBroIHateYou) -1
        If ProcessExists($aBigBroIHateYou[$iCC]) Then ProcessClose($aBigBroIHateYou[$iCC])

Func _PauseUnPause()
    $bPaused = Not $bPaused
    While $bPaused

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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