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Taskbar dimensions

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Ok, so I'm progressing quite nicely with AutoIT. Very nice bit of software. Anyways I'm trying to position some windows and the one thing that is a bit annoying is the taskbar. I basically want to position terminal windows in each corner of the screen. This works fine with the slight problem that the taskbar can get in the way. In standard configuration it means a small part of the bottom of my terminal windows that appear at the bottom of the screen are cut off. So I basically need to know the height of the taskbar so I can place the window slightly higher (better than using a variable as things may change on different PCs). Come to think of it I need to know which part of the screen the taskbar is on (top, bottom, left, right), as well as width and height. I remember doing this on VB years ago, just wondering if AutoIT has it built in. Either that or I will go back to the ini file plan. Although it wouldn't be as good obviously. If it is impossible in AutoIT then is there somewhere we can make requests?

Oh, and now I think about it, whether the taskbar is using autohide. Obviously if it is then I don't need to worry.


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If you don't know what some of the function do... before you ask what does it do, look at the code and look up the functions:

#inlude <array.au3>
Opt('WinTitleMatchMode', 4)
$hTBar = WinGetHandle('classname=Shell_TrayWnd')
$aCpos = ControlGetPos($hTBar, '', 'ToolbarWindow321')
_ArrayDisplay($aCpos, 'All Sizes')

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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