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(D20 Modern) Villain Generator

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So, after years of not role-playing, some friends of mine are going to try and role-play again every other week.

I am going to be the GM and since the last time I played there was just AD&D I was a little rusty on the rules.

After reading through the new D20 Modern book I decieded I would try my hand at creating a Villain generator so I could spend free time thinking of encounters and such and I wouldn't have to spend any time creating NPC's or Villains.

This is what I have come up with so far. I might work more on it this weekend to add Feats and Abilities but the Prerequisites make that complicated.

So, for any of you who will admit you play, feel free to comment.

Edit: Updated the code

Added a fancy background thanks to GaFrost for that function

Added a print function that allows you to print by generating an HTML file then prints using the _IEAction($oIE, "Print").

Updated the Attribute generation because Villains should have stats between 9 and 15

Added an option to switch between Villain generation and Hero generation for Stats.

Cleaned up the code a lot and commented.


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Looks cool, I have to make something like this for my game that im working on atm. Randomly generate a monster.

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