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Run parameters dont work from script

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I seem to be having a problem running a program with command line parameters from my script. It works fine if I run from a cmd console, but when I run the following code from the script, the exe i'm trying to call says it cannot find the file specified.

Any ideas?

$GlovePieScriptFile = "Mario_swf"

RunWait('GlovePIE029\GlovePie.exe -' & $GlovePieScriptFile)

edit: fixed by adding GlovePIE029\ in front of $GlovePieScriptFile

Edited by Justin

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When I first used parameters I had the same problem... the correct way is to insert a space before the parameter and above all to formally put

it between quotes. The variable $GlovePieScriptFile = "kdmkfd" is in the command line interpreted without the quotes. That's why you have to add it again....

Try this :

RunWait('GlovePIE029\GlovePie.exe -' & " " & '"' & $GlovePieScriptFile & '"')

Rem : The double quote is enclosed in single quotes, that permits to make it visible



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