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HotKeySet <- I need HELP

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I have a programm that send "00" or "01" or "02".......

I want to catch this value with HotKeySet.

Ok this is no Problem with 01 and bigger value, bacause i can ignore the 0 like this:

HotKeySet("2", "anythig")

but my Problem is the value "00"!!

What can I do, know anybody a solution??


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You can only catch one key at a time (or a combonation of keys at once)...you may be able to do somthing like-


while 1


func Catch0()



func Done1()



basic idea and there's some otehr error handling ect that needs to be there but ehh....

all in all though you're better off trying to find a better way of doing...whatever your trying to do :whistle:

what is the intended function of all this?

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