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Multi-User-Chat with secure RSA-Encryption

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Hi Folks!

GtaSpider coded this chat script for you :-)


  • RSA encryption with peethebee's RSA Plugin (see here)
  • RTF text display (like e.g. ICQ)
  • multiple user can connect via only one server (up to 100)
  • the admin has some additional rights including server restart and kick functionality
  • personal message (PM) support
  • /me like in IRC
  • user list with IP for the server
  • ...
Have fun with it Posted Image


How to use it?

First run the server on any computer. This is possible in LAN too. You have to open/forward port 31758 in your router.

How to change admin pass?

Standard pass is "password". You can change it in line 33.





GtaSpider & peethebee

Edited by peethebee

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.. Why is it in German? I can just barely understand what the error messages are telling me.

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  • 15 years later...
26 minutes ago, hahn said:

anyone know where i can download this Multi-User-Chat with secure RSA-Encryption ?

It has been more than 15 years ago since this was posted. The links refer to the German forum, but all of them are dead, probably fallen victim to multiple forum updates.

Posters have not been active for years, so don't expect any responses. I would recommend starting a new thread.

Not sure if it fits your needs, but take a look at cryptong-udf-cryptography-api-next-gen created by the @TheXman

Edited by Musashi


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