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Multiple File Backups and MD5 Hashing

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I'm working on a script to copy numerous files (85+) to a backup server. I wanted some sort of checks and balance. So far what I've come up with was doing an MD5 hash comparison between the source and destination files. I'm using the MD5 hash example from http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=21010.

I've got things working on a smaller scale between 2-3 files, however I'm curious how to compare these numerous files and then re-copy any which fail the check? Maybe comparing the hash isn't the best/easiest way. Any other suggestions?



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it would be slow, but do it all one at a time.

move the file, and check the hash, if its wrong, try again.

perhaps set a point of critical failure (3 attempts and write an error log)

If you are using MS Server edition, use NTbackup to make a .bkf file to the remote destination.. i usually find it much more reliable than just making a copy of the file.

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