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Gui Question (opening A Gui Window From A Gui Wind

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Here's my question.  Is is possible to have a "Button" on a GUI Form open a 2nd GUI Form?  If so can you give me a small code example?





this is in the helpfile in the GUICreate page:


This function always destroys the previous defined GUI

So only one at the time..... you would need to launch a second script for that...

by the way... there is a seperate forum for the gui questions called v3 GUI (Beta Only)


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Thanks... I'll start posting there.

> Ohh, here is a programming question. Can I make the 2 GUICreate's Functions and then call one from the other? If the 1st one is destoryed, it's not a big deal. I'm working on that script from the last post, and I just wanted to create a form to edit Addres Book entries.

> Ok, I just found the answer for this. Yes it can be done.



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