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i need help i have worked with visual basic before but am hveing trouble debuging my script. i am trying to run a program that by default has a menu. there is a function to hide the menu by pressing the escape key. so in my script when the program loades immeadiately the escape key is pressed to hide the menu. i next want the program to kill using the escape key by defauld the program escape function is alt+f4. i want this script to run in the backround all the time but i can only get it to work on the initial load of the program. if anyone could help that would be great. scrip is attached. p.s. the program i am tryring to run is snes9x a open source emulator for Linux/Unix, MacOS, and Windows.


func hidemenu()

WinWaitActive("Snes9X v1.43 for Windows")



$hotkey = "{esc}"

$hotkeyset = 0

While 1



Func esckill()

If $hotkeyset = 0 then

HotKeySet($hotkey, "killemu")

Elseif $hotkeyset = 1 then




Func killemu()

$hotkeyset = 1

WinKill("Snes9X v1.43 for Windows")


WinWaitClose("Snes9X v1.43 for Windows")

call hidemenu()

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